Download Official Link![MEGA|NO SURVEYS]

Alright guys,

This is the download link of “Life Dream”!8BsXgCyQ!O6VnqmsCvLFbK9Qr1Edq4V7W9jMokNY6AqKUnZmvC8A

Try it and tell us what you like/don’t like of the game!
We will improve it!


LifeDream Public Beta Download!

Hello everyone!
We’re Life Dream’s develop team and we’re now officially present Life Dream.

‘Life Dream’ is an adventure game,in ‘LSD Simulator’ style.

In the game,you can take two types of drug:Marijuana or LSD.For now there are 5 levels on Marijuana and 2 levels for LSD.All the game is a big adventure in the mind of a man,who live alone in his little house and take drugs to forget the girlfriend.

We’re still developing the game,but it is already playable.When you finish the LSD levels the game cannot continue so you have to restart it to play another time.

Hoping you will like it!

It is entirely made in Unity 4.1 Pro Trial.